Weekly Review 7/21 – 7/27

Another week in paradise here in Southern California with some cloudy weather that kept the heat away. A restful weekend and I was good to go for another hard week of training…or so I thought. Five weeks into high intensity training and I am honing in on my potential for the year. I got through Monday and Tuesday feeling pretty good but felt very negative about, well…pretty much everything.

I thought a good night’s sleep would have me rested and feeling better the next day but that didn’t happen. Restless legs and an empty stomach at midnight kept me awake until the wee hours of the morning, even after a healthy snack and some stretching. That 0500 wake up call came oh so early after I finally drifted off again and it was time to go swim.

Overtraining is a nasty thing and, among other things, it comes with insomnia. It sounds strange but when you are completely exhausted and all you want is that sweet relief that comes with a good night’s rest, it only eludes you and tires you more. Having dealt with a pretty severe case of overtraining when I first started (I was sick every 3 weeks like clock work), I quickly realized where I was headed and took my recovery day extra easy.

Thursday morning was a transition workout with the gang including the two-time Olympian Julie Swail. I felt good during the first and second rounds but during that third round I finally realized…I am tired!!! I could feel it in my arms; I could feel it in my legs; I could even feel it in my heart. I decided that the best thing for me to do would be to take the night off to get some rest and catch up on my nutrition. The lack of volume during high intensity training can be deceiving. It is very demanding on all aspects of your body and requires more rest than is expected.

An evening’s rest and a relaxed swim later and I was ready to go for the last race in the 6 week aquathon series. The water was nice and choppy :p and I seemed to get a wave full of water every time I took a breath. The 2-mile beach run was done barefoot to save a few seconds in transition. 11 minutes and change later (5:47 pace to be exact) and I had completed the full series getting second place only to Mike (my coach)¬†at every race of the series.

The dinner was wonderful with a beach front sunset and awesome food. I was one of 3 to finish the full series and was overwhelmed with all of the goodies I received for winning the under 45 division of all six races. Check out the picture of everything I got.

All my winnings from the Coveathalon series!

All my winnings from the Coveathalon series!

Not sure what I’ll do with all of this good stuff yet but I’m sure some of it will be shared with friends at swimming.

Weekly Numbers:
Swim: 4 hours/12,316 meters
Bike: 2.25 hours/35.8 miles
Run: 2 hours/14.1 miles
Strength: 1 hour

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